Nail treatments at Dreamers are always amazing.    

Our staff specialise in nail treatments and offer beautiful manicure and pedicure services as well as Gelish gel polish and the Gelish dipping system. Your nail hygiene to be our highest priority and we also off subtle nail rejuvenation treatments and nail makeovers. We only used the highest quality nail products we use and trust. Our nail technicians have ongoing training to bring you the latest techniques and trends.

Manicure and nail treatments

We offer a full range of manicure treatment options. You’ll start your treatment with a consultation with a trained therapist.  Any current nail polish is removed and your nails will be shaped and filed. We can then talk to you about tratment options to help you’re nails look their best!

There are many ways you can have your nails shaped from rounded to square tipped. Trust your nail technician’s advice; some nails will break much easier if they are shaped wrong.

Look forward to the feeling of being pampered and nice relaxing hand massage that will have your hands looking and feeling amazing!
Beautiful women feet isolated on white. Close-up.

Pedicure treatments

The perfect way to treat your feet! You’ll start with having a full consultation with your therapist. You’ll start your treatment with a consultation with a trained therapist.

You’ll have a hard decision when it comes to polish. Be ready to be wowed by the colour selection. If you are unsure of colour, perhaps a French Manicure is for you. Designed to look natural, you’ll have a slight line of colour at the tip of your nails that ranges from start white to light pink. You’ll then have a glossy clear over your nails which will make them look amazing.

Look forward to the feeling of being pampered and nice relaxing foot massage massage that will have your feet looking and feeling amazing.

Gelish Manicure

Gelish nail application provides strength to your natural nail with the appearance of natural looking nails.

Gelish nails harden when exposed to UV light and looks just like nail polish but lasting up to two weeks without chipping.

The application of Gelish polishes are similar to nail polish – you have a base coat, polish colour and top coat. Each coat has to be cured in the UV light for two to three minutes.

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Not sure which type of nails are best for you?  

Dreamers nail experts  would be more happy to explain all the options for your nails.

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