As we celebrate 25 years in the Beauty Industry, we thought it would be the perfect time to look back over where we started and how far we’ve come. Take a look at the history of Dreamers below, narrated by our wonderful leader, Suzanne.

Local beginnings…

I had owned a clinic in KatiKati before creating Dreamers Beauty Clinic, but Dreamers itself started downstairs in Cherry Court in 1997.

Jo joined Dreamers a couple of years later and has been by my side ever since.

We then moved to Main Road Katikati, before heading off to Fantail Lodge.

Not ones to stay still for too long we then moved to the house where the current library is located and at this point I became Sole Owner.

This is also where D’Arna joined our team and stayed with us for ten years.

Then finally we moved into our current Clinic on Jocelyn Street in about 2012.

Though venues have changed and staff have come and gone, we’ve maintained our exceptional service, technical excellence, and our drive to show clients that we genuinely care.

Our oldest client is 98 and I’ve been working in the industry for over 42 years now.

Things have changed a little along the way!

I began with a three year apprenticeship in Wellington when I was 17 years old before opening my first clinic when I was 20 in Johnsonville.

We first moved to Katikati and I tried my hand at Kiwifruit before realising my heart lay with the beauty industry.  My first clinic was called ‘La Femme’ which was where the little blue house used to be and is where the library is now (it was brown when I was there).

When we realised that the industry was offering so much more and clients were wanting to see results, especially with skin, Jo and I took the opportunity to up-skill and began training in medical grade treatments, something that would prove hugely beneficial for the future.

I met Educational Trainer Christa Dickson over 10 years ago and she provided Dreamers with all the skills around skin and body that we needed to get us where we are today.  I still consider her to be the best Educational Trainer in the industry. Christa changed our direction in the Beauty Industry for the better.

Over the years she has become a close friend and rumour has it Dreamers in KatiKati was her favourite clinic to visit for training!

Over the next few years the Clinic staff grew to four and has remained at that ever since.

Highs and lows over the years...
Here's to the future...

I’ve spent over 42 years in the industry, so my aim now is to stay a ‘hands on owner’ but to step back a little and enjoy some time with my growing family.

Having said that, I’ll always be involved at Clinic level as that’s where my passion lies!

I can’t wait to see where Dreamers heads to next and our next aim is to reach the 30 years milestone.

If I can do that and still have Jo by my side, I’ll have achieved more than I ever dreamed.

New and better science continues to be introduced to the industry.

Keeping abreast of new technology allows us to offer more advanced treatments and products to clients to obtain better results.

Dreamers has always had an ongoing commitment to training to keep up with the latest techniques and as we celebrate 25 years in the Beauty Industry, we’ll carry on striving to learn more and keep delivering results.

Thanks for all your support and here’s to the next 25 years…

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